Vâlcan Mountains

The Vâlcan Mountains form the Jiu Valley’s southern barrier and run the length of the valley. Although lower in elevation and more populated by farms than both Parâng and Retezat, the Vâlcan Mountains are more easily accessible and do offer spectacular views of the valley.

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Main approaches to the Vâlcan Mountains are by chairlift at Straja and by dirt road from the town of Vulcan to Pasul Vâlcan. To get to the chairlift at Straja, take Route 66A to Lupeni, approximately 13 km west of Petrosani, and turn south where the sign for Straja appears.

To access Pasul Vâlcan from the valley, take Route 66A to Vulcan, turn south at the 7 km marker and proceed for 1 km. At the fork in the road take a left and go another 5 km to Cabana Pasul Vâlcan (4WD is recommended). At the cabana, proceed south on the foot trail to Pasul Vâlcan.

Access to the Vâlcan Mountains is also available by foot from Petrosani on the east side of the valley and from Valea de Pestii on the west side of the valley.


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South-Eastern side of Vâlcan Mountains viewed from Lelești

The Vâlcan Mountains are a chain of mountains in the Southern Carpathians in Gorj County, Romania. They are part of the Retezat-Godeanu Mountains group, and run for approximately 54 kilometres (34 mi). The highest point is Oslea Peak at 1,946 metres (6,385 ft), and the second highest is Straja at 1,848 metres (6,063 ft). [1] The mountains run the length of the Jiu Valley, and serve as a barrier to entry on the southern side of the valley.[2]

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45°14′09″N 22°53′25″E / 45.23583°N 22.89028°E / 45.23583; 22.89028

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Grupele muntoase din Carpații Meridionali

Munții Vâlcan sunt o grupă muntoasă a Munților Retezat-Godeanu aparținând de lanțul muntos al Carpaților Meridionali. Cel mai înalt pisc este Vârful Oslea, având 1.946 m.

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