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2024 – The 34th Anniversary of the Mineriads and the 23th Anniversary of the Jiu Valley Portal

Welcome to the Jiu Valley Portal (, home of the official Jiu Valley City Websites and your regional gateway. Discover Dacian and modern history, outdoor four-season adventure and recreation sports in the Transylvanian Alps, or the role of coal mining and the Mineriads. Read more…

History & heritage

History & heritage

Visit a paleontological dig site and location of the famous dwarf dinosaurs at the Hațeg Dinosaur GeoPark, explore the ruins from the Dacian-Roman wars, learn about the local Momârlanii (Dacian descendants) and the history of coal mining and the mineriads, and visit UNESCO heritage sites.


Adventure logistics

Plan your trip to Jiu Valley and your adventures once you arrive using interactive maps, trip & route planners, train schedules and ticketing, and compare local petrol prices.


Discover cities & places

Our region contains six primary towns and cities (totaling approximately 170,000 inhabitants) located along the Jiu River basin and adjacent to Retezat National Park and other places of interest in Transylvania and the Transylvanian Alps/ Carpathians.

Online communities

Online communities

Online communities related to Jiu Valley (e.g., General interest, Sports/Recreation, Religion).


Nature and recreation

Participate in a variety of outdoor adventures, from skiing to rock climbing, caving/spelunking, mountain biking and hiking, paragliding, river rafting, etc. Wander the mountain ranges of the Transylvanian Alps surrounding the Jiu Valley that contain some of the most diverse plant and animal life in Europe, or explore the region’s numerous caves.


Profiles & galleries

Profiles of photographers that have captured the essence of the Vaii Jiului (Jiu Valley life) in their photographs. Online multimedia galleries related to Jiu Valley, the mountains, sports, culture, history, coal mining, etc.